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Share Portal Solution

Share Portal solution “ShareReg” is an easy and secure way allows you to access a range of information about your shareholdings & valuation of your portfolio, indicative share prices, recent balance changes and dividend information on registers that we maintain, via the internet. You can also carry out self-service actions such as name change, address change, signature change, etc.
ShareReg is a custom-built solution fully owned by Coronation Registrars Limited for the managing your shareholdings online.
Some of the features of this solution are;
1. Dashboard view: this function will allow show you the following information
  • Holdings Summary
  • Valuation report for each company
  • Brief transaction history for each company
  • Total Dividend Paid for each company
  • Overall dividend Status
  • Overall Total Valuation
  • Brief dividend history for each company
  • Total valuation in Bar Chart
2. My Portfolio: this function will show you all account balances, respective valuation details, transaction history & dividend history which can be printed, exported to either pdf or excel.
3. Self Service: this function will allow you to carry out the following request
  • Change of Name
  • Change of Signature
  • Consolidation of Accounts
  • Change of Address
  • Account Statement
  • AGM Live to participate remotely
4. My Profile: this function will show your details such as email address, Mobile number, Address, State, CHN, BVN & Bank details

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