Welcome to Coronation Registrars Limited



General/Court Ordered Meeting Services

Over the years, our experience, methodology and tailored technology has contributed to our success toward accountability and continuity in dealing with our various stakeholders.

Investor Relations

Our clients have found the insight and assistance provided invaluable in their quest to improve public and investor perception of their activities.

Maintaining and Updating Register of Members

We understand the importance of maintaining up-to-date records of our clients' shareholders. We ensure that our records are adequately updated with changes to shareholders' data.

Processing IPO/PO, Rights Issues & Private Placements

USL has participated in various debt/equity capital raising exercises for various companies amongst which are a number of prominent companies quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange

Registration and Certification of Share Transfers

We also act as transfer agents to non-quoted companies and mutual funds.

Other Services

Maintaining and updating company registers/share capital account balances on new issues, rights issues, preference shares and debentures stocks