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The Coronation ecosystem joined the rest of global customer focused organizations to celebrate the 2021 Customer Service Week (CSWEEK). The CSWEEK is celebrated globally in over 40 Countries, on every first week in October. This year, it held between October 4th to 8th 2021, with the theme “The Power of Service”
CSWEEK provides a unique opportunity for service and support professionals around the globe to join in a celebration of the important role that customer service plays in every organization. At Coronation Registrars, the week-long event was celebrated with the customers and members of staff.
The walk-in customers to the office had lots to eat and drink. Online engagement with customers were held through virtual meetings and through our social media page where a winner emerged and was rewarded with cash for answering a quiz.
Members of staff responsible for frontline and the back-office function who over time have demonstrated excellent service traits and behaviors were rewarded.
Customers expressed their gratitude to the Management and staff of Coronation Registrars Limited for the recognition and urged them to continue taking the lead in excellent service and innovation in the industry while pledging their loyalty to the organization.
The customers are at the core of all we do at Coronation Registrars, for indeed they empower us to serve. We look forward to another eventful CSWEEK celebration in October 2022.

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