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We just launched our online annual general meeting (AGM) solution “AGMLive” which is one of its kind in the market today. The advent of COVID-19 brought about a new phase in administering annual shareholder meetings. It all started with complete lockdowns to restrictions on public events and then thresholds for number of people in events. In normal times, we could have over two thousand shareholders in one meeting. The question now was, how do we conduct shareholder meetings (which is statutory) without flouting COVID regulations set by government?
AGMLive is a custom-built solution fully owned by Coronation Registrars Limited for the administering of shareholder meetings. It was built to cater for both online and physical meetings.
Some of the features of this solution are;
  1. Pre-registration: this function aids reduce the turn-around time in registering a shareholder for a physical meeting. A shareholder can register online for an AGM and the system generates a unique QR code on the mobile app for those with smart phones and/or a unique code which is sent by text/email to the shareholder. At the meeting point, the shareholder would not need to queue rather, he/she would present the code with which he/she would be admitted to the meeting room. For online attendees, this code grants the shareholder access to the online platform to view/ participate in the meeting.
  2. Automated attendance list (for online): one of the difficulties with streaming platforms like YouTube, Facebook etc. is it does not let you know who viewed the proceedings of meeting, hence you cannot get an attendance list, especially when it is regulatory. Our AGM Live solution takes care of this, by capturing a list of all admitted participants – virtual and physical. This list includes the press, regulators, auditors, and shareholders.
  3. Omni-channel voting: voting on resolutions is a key aspect of shareholder meetings. Our AGM Live solution ensures that in a hybrid meeting all votes are captured from proxies, virtual attendees (through the web interface, mobile app, USSD) and from physical attendees (using the click pad). This feature is highly configurable, as a client is allowed to choose their preferred channels for voting in a meeting.
  4. Real-time Polls dashboard: one of the concerns from the voting process in meetings is transparency. Our real-time polls dashboard ensures that as votes are being cast, the polls are displayed in real-time to the viewers. It also takes cognisance of the holdings for each shareholder in collating the results. This helps reduce in turnaround time in releasing the results.
  5. Real-time Video display of Meeting proceedings (data friendly): not only does the platform provide functionalities to vote, it also displays a video capture of the proceedings of the meeting. We have tuned the display to ensure that it does not use up much data while it is being viewed by shareholders.
  6. Online forms for Proxy: it is always a hassle printing, filling, scanning and then collating results from proxy forms. Our highly customizable online proxy form ensures that shareholders can vote online using proxies and without having to print the form. This is accessible via the web and mobile platforms.
  7. Instant messaging: this capability ensures that question and comments from shareholders are captured during the meeting proceedings.
  8. Custom reports: it statutory to generate some specific reports after completing a shareholder meeting. AGM Live has a module to generates all statutory reports, ensuring they are ready immediately.

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